My condo was appraised 5k under my intial price I gave my mortgage company?

Will this affect my intrest rate or deny my loan. I’m refiancing my condo. The Apprasier gave plus remarks about my place.
What does an underwriter look for before giving out the loan

Well I am looking at purchasing a home currently I am renting which covers all utilities in the rent however they are getting ready to make big changes in the contract which don’t favor the renters so I’m pullin out. I was looking at purchasing a home and pretty much have it narrowed down to the one we are interested in.

My question is I don’t think I’ll be here longer then 5 years if even shorter maybe close to 2 or 3 and I heard of the 5/1 ARM mortgage which lowers the interest greatly for the first 5 years then can really adjust in the years to come annually. My question is these are good if I plan on leaving in 5 years or refiancing with a different loan?

Also I was looking at the options some energy services provide where they average the monthly utlities cost based on an annual utility rate and you have a set amount of payments each month regardless of energy use that month so you don’t get hammered in the winter and summer seasons. Anyone with experience in this?
If so do you find it benefical or do you wind up spending more on the average then you do when you get hit with the heavier months?

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