Moving schools…what should I do?

I’m so confused. I have the choice of staying in the school I’m in or moving. I moved into my current school from way up north in the country. I hated it at first and although the management really annoy me sometimes I have some really great friends.
The problem is that the school can’t offer me 2 Sciences and Art on my timetable. I’m interested in Medicine and in Ireland you NEED to Sciences to even get a college place in Medicine. Art is my favourite subject though.

The school I’m looking at going to is a “grinds” school. They focus only on getting you the best results possible. Only exam classes are taken and there’s no extra curricular stuff. It costs €6,000 per year and I’d be going there for 2 years. I’d have a much higher chance of getting top marks for Medicine here (only perfect scores get Medicine right now).

The other school offers me any subject and good results, but not my friends and a massive debt to my parents (I feel so guilty even though they say ok). What do I do?
I’m calling students of the school I could be moving to and asking them what it’s like. The problem with staying in the one I’m in is that I must immediately choose between Art and Medicine as careers down the road and that the teachers aren’t all up to scratch (it’s a lottery what ones you get and as a result I’m not guaranteed maximum scores).

Does the fact I’m not leaping at it mean that I shouldn’t go? I’m just so confused.

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