Moving out of state @ 20 years old, seeking financial advice?


I’ll be moving out of state to live with my boyfriend in 2-3 months. I’ve added up all of the costs (ranging from a security deposit, registering my vechicle in a new state, furninshing the new place, etc.) & I have enough to cover the cost of moving & have 3 months worth of bills paid for while I search for a job.

However, once I obtain employement & I’m relying solely on my paycheck, things will be really tough. I’ll be making min. wage since I have yet to earn a college degree. Once all of the bills are paid (we’ll be evenly splitting everything), there will be very little money left over, if any. So I really won’t have money to do anything “fun” (buy clothes, see a movie, etc.) or put anything into a savings account. =/

I’ve looked into it & because we’re not married, don’t have children, etc. I don’t think we would qualify for any government assistance (By the way, I have no qualms with asking for help from the government when min. wage is so low & they work us like animals). If anything, I *might* get food assistance & *maybe* some help so I could have health insurance… *maybe*

I want to go to college to be a paralegal & I have a few college credits already. I want to enroll in a community college there as soon as possible once I get settled in. Hopefully I will make the fall semester in August. I’ve filled out my fafsa for this year, but my dad makes well over 6 figures a year so I will only qualify for loans (even though I’ll be living on my own, you’re considered a dependent on your parents until you are 24). However, my dad is broke & can no longer help me with college once I move out. So, there’s a bit of a Catch-22.

Basically my questions are, A.) How should I handle school/working? I need to be able to pay my bills every month & I want to be making progress towards a degree. Should I work part-time & go to school full-time? Will I be awarded that much in loans that I could do that? Or do I need to work full-time & go to school part-time? Will I not qualify for as big of a loan if I’m working more? Any links to where I could find useful information on this? & B.) Any advice in general? Not moving is not an option by the way.

Thank you SO much for taking the time to read this & help a stranger out with their life problems. I really appreciate any answers I get. (=

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