mortgages under corporation name?

Does fannie mae make mortages to corporations and LLC or only individuals, where would I need to go to get mortages under a corporation name with no PG?

when you buy a home under a corporation name? do you need a pay guarantee or is the corporation/ LLC enough?

What I mean is a loan only using company POF for rent perposes, Ein and Duns. details please, also if there is no proof of income, only proof of funds what can a bank do or how much do I need to put down payment in order to qualify. Based on a brand new company with no credit or little credit. What can be many houses maximum can I get.

what if you give 1years rent up-front or as POF, can an investor qualify for up to 10 houses still. Without proof of income.but with the down payment asked for 10-25%

If I pay 40-50% down payment and have proof of funds for 6 months, can I get away with no proof of income, no w-2, no credit check and interest only 5/25. Basically no doc. and low interest like 4-7% on multiple houses. Or back to question 1 no PG which would allow me to finance 10 houses per corporation.

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