Mortgages for people with perfect rental history / credit damaged?

Are there mortgage programs are to help a family with a long history of excellent rental situation, but w / bad credit? My friend has a first time home buyer credit and loan company pd. debt (less than $ 10,000) that you are too qualify.It the only unfair.We a family, married 18 years, the same line of work for 20 years, and very good rental history or references because bad credit WECAN enabled ‘t buy a home.It began 6 years ago when my husband’s company is closed and he lost his job. He got another job in a few weeks, but due to unforeseen circumstances (it is a civil engineering MSR. & Works outside … the day he was employed, it snowed 3 feet and society could never work for weeks). Our first priority is always home1st whatever it takes, has been (so has bad credit because we had to choose betwn our home and credit cards and we chose our lease. Why do not the lenders this.It views should count for something. Anyone know of any MTG for this situation?

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