Mortgages for Federal Government employees?

Are there any mortgage loans catering to Federal Government employees? If so, where can I find this information? I want to minimize my time by not asking lenders that really can not provide me with accurate information.

I have opportunities to have two interview from USPS for General Maintenance Positions (PS 5 or 6) and Automotive Technician (PS 7). I try to find out the pay scale, but I can’t find any. Does anyone know about the pay? Is it good? Any overtime? I don’t mind to work overtime and/or weekend. I have aother job opportunity to work at other state (TX) as a tank mechanic. The pay is good because I get most money by per diem, but it is a temp job, and I have to leave my wife and three young kids in CA. If I choose to work in TX, I have to leave in early May, but the interviews for USPS jobs will be held at May 8 and May 17. If USPS pay good, I will not leave my family (my wife is federal employee, so benefit package is not a factor to make the decision). We have mortgage, two cars loan, student loan … We want to find a way to earn maximum money. But before I make the decision, I need to know how much USPS would pay for PS 5, 6 and 7. Please help me

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