Mortgage without a spouse co-signing my?

We tried to get a mortgage for about 3 years now without Glück.Ich do not think our credit was bad, and we pay all our bills on time. I think the problem is .. my husband has an old “bad debt” of a divorce that goes back many years. I think there are three issues that have not been resolved .. but they are 7 years old. We had a problem, he does not think the children of Texas charged extra. for 3 years, but I got all reciepts and decided .. but if it is not our fault, it is still on his reading KreditIch found the morning and that “your credit is not affected when you get married .. only joint accounts will appear on your report. “So .. I can be better for a mortgage in just my name since my credit card? I did not say a few cases I have heard too .. .. Have you, or you can not be part of your income as “total household income, the loan without him .. what is right in this Wesen.Kostenlose review!

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