Mortgage tax and insurance question…?

When you do mortgage calculators (I know their accuracy varies) and they say things like “you would be approved for a mortgage up to $ 200,000” (or whatever amount), does that mean you could get 200k including taxes and insurance, or just the loan itself?

So, say I qualify for a mortgage that equals 1,000 a month. Now obviously you have to factor in tax and insurance, how does the bank do that, do they say “sorry, with tax and ins you’ll be over your allowed amount”, or are they only concerned with mortgage?
I’m confused!!! lol

I’m just trying to figure this out. not only to keep my house hunting search within my means, but also to keep myself from getting into more than I can handle.
I’m preapproved btw, approval is not my question… How tax and insurance factors in is.
lol…. thanks again!

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