Mortgage. Refinancing issues and name?

Soon my ex and I own the home (condominium). We have removed 2 years, but on both the mortgages and equity Darlehen.Ich would refinance the loan in full to him as Schuldner.Aber, I am confused about titles? We focused on a settlement amount that I agreed to pay him over time, so no problem I jetzt.Wenn $ refinance on my behalf apply only to say that he must leave me to change the trust deed? If I decide I, together with another person shall not, now that must be addressed in the discharge or do I need to apply new co-borrower, the former left-right at me and then add my co borrower, the trust later? I think I am confused about what should it happen? I moved on equity because the former give 50% of its payment, so I can co-borrower must support the higher mortgage payment or more the rate is currently about $ 3K bekommen. Hypothek and my monthly gross only about $ 8K per month. credit note is not quite VG EXNur another car debt. probable role to consolidate the equity loan, everything. It would be of any guilt I have about 78-80% maximum LTV on the house, I go Wert.Da under $ 417k to about $ 495 probably two loans. Date and consistent installation Rest My game is now about 6.25 to 5.62 and corresponds to the residual hopes to stay below 6% if possible. We’ll see! And not even filed for divorce …. If I decide to refinance my own, I could be someone later in the title? What type of load is it?

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