Mortgage rates will now drop alot…?

I am excited about the Govt’s recent activity to save my home fron recession….It would be easy to be the Fed chairman job..all you have to do is move rates lower when the economy looks flat lined and raise them while everything is going great. Anyway, now that the Govt has dropped the interest rate by a half percent, how long will it take until it gets easy again to refinance and lower the mortgage payment? I think the good days are back and homes should start building equity again. it should also be easy to get credit cards now that homes will shoot back up. Can I get some equity money at cheap rates going forward? After all, if the banks get loans for less cost, then we can expect this rate cut automatically…I can’t wait, I want to shop til I drop and will put the goods on my CCard so I can pay later., I love free/cheap money!…lots of deals still out there.

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