Mortgage question?

We are a married couple. My credit score is 767 and my wife’s credit score is 664. My annual salary is 104000 a year and her annual salary is 49000. I have no debt except for 600 monthly auto payment and my wife has no debt at all. We are first time home buyers – the houses that we both like are in the ranges from 450000-475000 and we have 30K in savings.

First option is to get the loan just in my name since my credit score is much higher than my wife’s – I am not really sure how much loan can I get in that case and what kind of interest rate will that loan have.

Second option is to get the loan with our combined income – I am pretty sure with that we should be able to get a bigger amount loan but since in that case her credit score will come in play too – what kind of interest will that loan have ?

Please advice. Thanks for all your help.

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