Mortgage Question *Really Need Help*?

So my boyfriend and I are considering getting a place together, we are just worried that we won’t get approved for a mortgage.
Gross he makes something like $ 52000. I have a part time job but my hours vary alot so I’m not sure what my gross income is.
We are currenlty looking at a place that is $ 200 something, payments are $ 515 biweekly.
I’m getting a credit card, but I don’t have any credit yet. My boyfriend has had a credit card for about a year and has been paying off his car loans and student loans, but I’m not sure what his credit score is.

In your opinion do you think we will get approved for a mortgage?
Oh I forgot to add. We will probably only be putting about 5% down (maybe a bit more) depeding on the possession date.
I have no debt. He has car loan and student loans (like I mentioned above). The property is worth 270 000
and we are putting down at least 5%.

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