Mortgage question…..?

My friend bought a house and his mother was a cosigner because he didnt qualify for it with his income alone. His dad gave him like $ 10,000 towards the house and because he already had a house in his name, his wife, my friends mother cosigned. About a year later his parents divorced and his mother moved in with him. She took her name off the deed so they wouldn’t know about it when she filed for a divorce, but her name was never taken off the mortgage. Now she’s threatening him saying its her house and plans to take him to court, what does he have to hold up in court. His name is on the deed, I pulled it up online myself, he pays the mortgage but I’m not sure his name is on it and he gives her cash and she pays it. Can she get in trouble for withholding information from when she went to get a divorce. Is it possible for her to put her name back on the deed without his consent? This is in Georgia.

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