Mortgage question??

My wife and I are trying to get a home loan and were told we needed credit scores of at least 620..which we are above. Im self employed and our mortgage person told me that i needed to claim at least 50k..well i did that and now shes telling me I can claim 25-30k if i wanted since i have to pay the taxes on it in full before we can do that home loan. The taxes are around 6k…Also was told we needed to show 17k in our bank account!!! They wont use the whole amount maybe just 9k of it but want to see more money in out acct. why so much is my question? We have the credit scores and everything else taken care of..why do they need all this? Or do you think they are trying to rip us off?
We have no credit card debt and only loan we have is a car loan and only owe 7k on it.

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