Mortgage programs with stated income borrowers?

Okay. Let’s get past the obvious. I am looking for answers about stated income loans. Owned home for 14 months, no late payments, stated income (self employed). I know the subprime market has gone to waste and alot of poeple that fit into that market cannot refinance because they changed the parameters to do so. So here is my question. with a 710 mid fico, am looking for 95-100% ltv to pull a little cash to pay off debt. Does this put me into subprime because of the ltv or am I consider A paper because of my fico and good credit history. Also, can anyone suggest the lenders that offer programs that fit this scenario?
to add: I am looking for real answers, not email addresses and such.. and yes I am aware of property values, etc. what I wan to know is specific. is it still considered subprime going to 100% ltv/cltv and given the fico’s, is this something that can be done with half way decent rates? It would be great if someone posted a link to rate sheets as opposed to emails and comany web sites. thanks

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