mortgage pre-approval question?

i’m a first time home buyer, my wife is not. she has no negative issues with her last house. i have never had bad credit because i’ve never had any credit until recently when she added me to her credit cards. one which is now paid off and the other with a balance of $ 7,500. were pre-approved for $ 269,000 but only need 218,000 with 7,000 down and 3,000 for closing, both of which will be borrowed from 401k. 401k has 23,000. we bid on 1.1 acres of land for 100,000 plus cut the seller of the land a check for $ 500 which will be applied to settlement costs. 2 weeks later we signed a construction agreement for building the house we picked out. today we go to the bank for the loan application and have to cut another check for $ 350 which from what I understand is non-refundable. my question is are the chances of us getting approved from the lender favorable or not? my wife has excellent credit and i have a little credit now. our gross income is around $ 70,000/year.

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