Mortgage Points?

I plug House on March 6 and just got my 1098 from the mortgage company. There is a section 2 (a mortgage, point) the amount of $ 6200, not all of which paid me. The builder paid $ 3500 sealing kulud.Kui I remember correctly and it will show it to my mortgage, my speed was 5.875% w / 0.875% of the loan is equal to me = my company $ 1875.Kuidas mortgage loan for $ 6200, and for how much is my real point behind?
Maybe someone can help me here. We’re lining up the financing to buy a house, and for various reasons, we expect in the course of next 1-2 years to refinance the mortgage market jooksul.Kuna things are so crazy right now, we are unable to find loan of less than 1.75, respectively. What makes me mad, because if we refi soon because we throw money we pay võrra.Püüan be creative. What if we funded a loan for these items? It would put more money in contributions to the fund (essentially the same amount of money we would have paid in points). But we could not get the deposit money back if we refi? Unlike points, which are essentially gone nurjas.Kas it makes sense? What am I missing? And not, as some of the complexity of our situation, we are quite unable to find points of the loan less. This is not the solution. We’re stuck.

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