Mortgage payment increase on Escrow only but cannot afford new payment… ok to do loan modification still?

I bought my first house 5 months ago… 30 year fixed 6.5% FHA loan. Required down payment of $ 8200 provided by the state (California) and must be paid back upon refinancing/selling or in 30 years. I bought the house for $ 275,000. House next door, same model floor plan and everything is currently going for $ 205,000, should have waited! Gross income has been reduced from $ 6500 to $ 4500 monthly but that’s because I now choose not to work overtime but I still have no problem paying my current mortgage. My current mortgage is $ 2164. But, starting in March, my lender wants $ 2578! Due to some increase in my property tax which is a complete joke because property values are declining not rising. So my mortgage is going up $ 414 because of Escrow reasons and I want to know because of this, can I can claim a hardship and justify a loan modification? Thanks for your insights.

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