Mortgage loan officer experience?

I know re-fi’s are the hot item now and the overall market is still somewhat depressed, but I’m interested in mortgages as a career path. I have over 5 years sales experience in a call center environment and I’ve always exceeded my quotas. I have zero real estate experience, however.

I see ads online about hiring loan officers all the time, but they all ask for “experience in the mortgage industry”. How does one get their foot in the door at a decent, reputable broker? I am open to taking courses online and getting certified. I have a high aptitude for test taking anyway. I’d take a job making $ 25,000 a year if I knew it was going to get me further in the industry.

So how does one get in? Is it who you know? What contacts you have or what? I am a hard worker, an aggressive salesman and I possess a commitment to excellence. I just want to get noticed like I did at my current company. I have accolades in sales, just not in the mortgage loan officer business. Can somebody point me in the right direction? Thank you!

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