mortgage loan officer career?

I live in San Fransisco, CA. I have a friend told me that in order to get my license, all i have to do is to read the book called California Real Estate Principles. Once I’ve done reading the book, i can take the test and get my license. But does it takes like months or years to learn everything about real estate?
He makes minimum of 20k a month, is that really true? Can you really make that much or more? He works for a company not a bank that he does mortgage loans for seniors. Can i make that much money? Is that a really great career job? What’s the failure rate?
The reason why is because i don’t know if i want to do this or not? I want to make good money but i want to know what’s the pros and cons of being a mortgage loan officer? Is it worth it?
If i do a loan for someone that I’ll get 1 or 2% of that loan, is that true with any loans?

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