Mortgage loan modification is it really true?

Hi my names artem sorry for the grammar etc I’m typing on my iPhone so kinda hard anyways i bought a duplex when I was 20 3 yrs ago and basically I got into financial trouble lost my job tenants left plus some personal issues basically had an arm loan 80/20 @ 10%=80 20=6.25 fixed I lost job tenants left I ended up not paying both my mortgages for 15 months yes I’ll repeat 15 months did not pay a penny now that i’m out of hell woke up got tenants called my 80 mortgage they offered me 5.25% fixed life of the loan plus forgive all past due my 20% is too late for a mod I owe them 30k I called they said of I come up w/ 12-15k they will settle and lose remainder are they that desperate? I can pay them 15k settle I owe other mortgage 100k sell property and make 50k since it’s worth 150k cause second mortgage will be paid off settled right? It’s bad cause I’m ripping them off but i am planning to keep it long term since i got second chance see I was well I thought I’ll lose my property yesterday and today I can keep it or make 50k plus if I can’t come up with that money my pmt before was 270$ for 20 mortgage now I can pay 200 month even cheaper wowanyone got comments suggestions??? Let me know what I should do!

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