Mortgage interest rates go up?

Fixed interest rate to 30% now to 6.25% or more than 6%. In recent weeks it was below 6%. It was like 5.75%. If interest rates continue to increase and new t normal? My broker to say that I shuld make an offer and said in a castle Satz.Er later in the risk of inflation and as a result of this interest rate and higher. If the interest is more than what the cost has been months? I intend to leave the apartment on May 8 the possible end of a new house, I would now like locking up? Can I block out the amount but now May? Is financial disadvanage to do? What is the height really block? IN GFE, it has it, the compensation paid to brokers YSP PAID $ 3633.00 Mediation 1.5. ? Is this something I have to pay from my pocket, or I have nothing to do with the amount of the tax was also Laon 250K.Er said: One of the stated income loans that you do little or no all because of your credit loan Score.Angegebene but have a rate of BESR?

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