Mortgage Impound Account Problems?

I need advice on mortgage impound accounts. Basically, my lender has been taking out too much money every month for my impound account. When I called them, they gave me my payment break down and the amount they have for my property taxes is $ 300 higher than it should be! I sent them all my info, the county resent my tax info, and I have called at least 15 times. They still have not fixed the error.

Then, yesterday I got a letter in the mail with my revised payment and refund based on their annual escrow account assesment. My new payment was…..4 cents cheaper! I called and the people on the phone are so stupid I just can’t take it any longer.

I feel like I am being completely ripped off just because of some idiot typing in the wrong number into the computer system. I know they usually charge more than the exact amount as a buffer…but this is ridiculous! Does anyone know if there are any outside resources I can reach out to that will help me fix this issue?

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