Mortgage help file thin “a little credit?

I’m 19 and my girlfriend plan to marry and we want a house, we work full time doing roughly around 15,000 and 25,000 per year, it will also move his mother, who receives about 12,000 years and mortgage assistance. My girlfriend has bad credit, because there is no health insurance, medical bills, and both have lived in the city left its usefulness six years old addresses in one place, then it is due Thousands of utility, and his mother are in the same boat. I am currently studying full-time college and I work very hard when my girlfriend and I want us to be able to get a house. The document will be so little, but I only have good credit for my car payment is paid on the life time of 10 months of the loan, which is 2 years (for a total of $ 2500) even if I am saved and is paid in February, however, and the only thing my credit is my student loans (totaling $ 8,250), which I also have a good reputation, I know all this because I checked my credit report, but not my credit score, because it costs money and I do not have a credit card, even if I tried to find the map and dismissed the only other double-check my credit when I was looking for a car and my bank twice trying to get a credit protection project, and my car loan is a co-signer. I no longer live in my mother but my rent is not the name of all invoices, but only since July this year. Market House, where I live in a nice house around 50,000, we can not make an important contribution to make, but you want to take only ten years and the loan rates were up 9%. We have heard, does not extend the 8000 first-time home buyer tax return until April next year, which would be nice to pay for the house earlier, but we would certainly like home before next summer, and 8K would be nice too, but what things should I do to try to get this achieved. Do get a credit card annual fee and still pay the balance a good idea, because I thought, maps you have to pay is a scam or does not understand credit reporting and how do I get pre- approved and would be a good idea at this point, or would be a waist of your time and do my worst score?

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