My husband is a carpenter union, I’m a legal secretary. I have stable employment, but it is not at this point (especially with this economy). We applied for the HAMP program a year ago, and we were rejected last November. We have implemented a new examination and there was no movement on this file (its big year, but not yet assigned to a real processer). At the same time, we were behind our mortgage, but I managed to catch up to the point where we are only a month late. I received a letter of intent precluded. I called and they told me my payments were sitting in a deposit account (mainly because I’m reporting period for HAMP?). I made the payment today phone in February, but not yet for March (so now I’ll be there in a month). We have a mortgage Fannie Mae is PHH support. I get the run around and I do not understand why they would be sent a notice of intent precluded if we are behind one / two months. And also, why the money that I did not usually send my loan? You say that because you are their year Hamp, but someone else told me that this is not always the case. I’m going crazy here. I’m so scared they’ll foreclosed on our home page. And even if I paid, they are not fully implemented. Does anyone know anything about this? Thank you in advance!

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