Mortgage: Does anyone know who owns what?

Now more than ever, I feel for some of these people trying to make a foreclosed home can be purchased. What a mess! My house was purchased (I think) by a broker who represents my country Housing Authority. Everything I went with after closing in 2007, my mortgage is with XYZ Mortgage Company. He explained that the mortgage was a representative of my state, and mortgage companies got% X for the mediation agreement, and my housing loan shall be secured by government guarantees sold. At no time from first contact to closing time, I spoke with someone from my state authority housing. Since it was devoid of any broker, XYZ Mortgage Co. has been the representative of the closure for me, since the sale was between me and the original owner of the house in 1949 gebaut.Wenn you look at the forms at the end (contract U.S. sales) at the top of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is used. She mentioned HUD in several other ways, too. At the end of most forms, it is called “single family-FannieMae/FreddieMac. (I have since learned that this standard is on the line, that 95% will be used time and does not mean that I have a Fannie or Freddie mortgage lenders. before the first payment was made, I received a book of payment coupons for my small National Housing Authority. I have not made any payments since 2007 to address the authority of the State same envelope and I’ve never seen so much as it was a day late on a mortgage and the right Zahlung.Ausschneiden dry? No, I have my copy of my 2010 City Tax / Housing County on Saturday the 23 (the housing authority pays the taxes as it is included in my monthly mortgage payment). The return is very detailed, $ 8.00 at a local university receives. increase of 2010 to all taxes City County / this year (it did last year). Here’s the problem, and because of all the details. This year, my opinion tax return says “Country America” ​​is my loan company mortgage. Who the hell of American soil? My first call was declared to tax authorities. The lady tax when they access the notice of change and suggested I call the authority State housing as they buy my check each month. I have given hope after three days, you receive a call back. Today, I finally have a real person, not a reception, a person real customer service! gave him my name, address and account number (in other words, had all my data from it). Something smells funny here.The answer to “American soil” is?} {pause Miss Jones, please give me your number and I’ll be back with you. I was polite and gave him the information is requested (if it was my life story complete opposite of it). I googled “Country America” ​​and discovered Nov. 26, 2008, presented LandAmerica Financial Group, Inc. and / or LandAmerica Exchange Services for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. 22. December 2008, Fidelity National Financial, Inc. has acquired, directly and through its subsidiary underwriting LandAmerica Financial Group, Inc. Is this the same “American Countries”, how to get the hell my country state of America Mortgage and Housing authority? I bought the house for a whole have years before the land of America has filed for bankruptcy, why did not I make payments to them? “I’m really nervous that I’m at a point is to prove this is my house, or someone knocking on my door and served with foreclosure papers. I always use my bank to pay my services for payments, no payment proves Problem.Ich is white, c is a lot of information but maybe someone out there has experienced the same situation. Would that keep government bonds Package mortgage in the state, or loans and they sell them? Is it Could my mortgage from more than one prostitute in a convention of plumbers? Thank Dank.Ein point I missed. My state was declared “the most affected state” and federal dollars pumped into the water as he was. there a difference?

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