Mortgage doc states “for loan received, I promise to pay…”?

but… it doesn’t say what the loan was. Anyone know what loan the word “loan” is referring to?
falsi, I looked over the docs, cant find anything of value indicating a loan.
Beverly “Your loan is your mortgage–>Your loan is your pledge, this indicates the homeowners pledge contained a loan, rather than receiving, homeowner is giving (or pledging) the loan. Is this what you are refering to?
falsi, “A MORTGAGE IS THE LOAN”–> a dead-pledge is the loan, a pledge is the loan. The loan is a pledge, what was the pledge given in the form of a loan?
I don’t need to read those books, I can just use the words you have given me.
Jerry, what was the (dead) pledge taken out on the property or land in the form of a loan?
fasli, I spoke to mortgage specialist at bank, she could not (or would not) answer.
Beverly ‘it will give the amount of your loan”, this indicates you are giving the loan.

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