Mortgage Company changed its mind and the contract?

I have a house that was paid. Since my husband and I have an empty nest, my health is deteriorating very quickly and I was on disability, we decided to take a loan on our home page, buy a motor home and simply rent our house because the way the MAIN paying mortgage payments. This was explained in length to the lender about a year ago. We have the loan, bought a motor home and driven over 2000 miles from home. We received our “mortgage securities” in the mail while we were gone. Since I have some of the “fine print” Read said that our apartment ownership “(and they came in time to inspect the owners and crew) had to be … Well, he just over a year and we were stuck without power, “Rent”, we are 4 months behind in its payments (the mortgage company and can not return calls to use or take home retention program … phone tag), so I called and spoke with “someone” in the collection department and told him about our situation and how we were “planned” all-out, the Lord put me Waiting for a few minutes later the back and said he did not see anywhere in the contract that we do not rent the house! We payments for almost a year and now they change the contract and that is exactly that put us behind in the first place … Where can I find stand legally with this “change of heart / contract” with the mortgage company that I do not know what to do? The “paperwork” that was signed was nothing in his possession, was in a “book” after the fact. In addition, the camper a class “C” and is considered a second “”…& Home because of my disability, ” small “house is certainly not a” toy “.
My husband bought our house before we were married again in 2005 when everyone told us “hurry up and buy!” Over the years our payments, the first time was there when we refinanced with Countrywide, they have made “mistakes” in our deposit than the other two were increases in interest rates. Our payments are too high, we entered into a leniency program. The program was for a limited time to fight, we found ourselves on. Counrtywide had no options for us, then we will pay what we could, usually about half of our mortgage. Most people would not pay more and who have saved their money, but we wanted to show effort (silence). We started fast notice of seizure and ready for the inevitable. We talked with a number of experts and it seemed we had no choice. After received a number of reviews before we lined up a rental car, or deposits made and signed a lease. This week, we packed our house together, we must widen our friends are leaving the plants and trees that we had over the years. Yesterday may, Countrywide calls us out of trouble because of the help we provide help now … .. ARGH! I’d be happy, but what do I do now? Want to see if we value a HUD HUD Darlehen.Ist a loan? What if after 5 years, we continue to sell and there is little or no profit? What if after them, the 50% that we n not use it enough to buy are left? Is it better to rent for much less and save money during these five years? I think we have to do to promote good thing, but it was smashed . Now I’m scared to, following this option and I feel helpless. We put a lot of money in this fixer upper and it breaks my heart to let go, but it is interesting to Keep Holding On ? At this point, I want to? The house is worth less now all fixed up then what we would pay in a state unbewohnbar.Was you do?

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