mortgage co paid 2008 tax bill in error?

I was planning to pay my tax bill in increments starting this month even though i know there will be late charges. Luckily I didn’t make my first payment because i got a bill from the mortgage company saying they paid out of escrow my tax bill and gave me 30 days to pay them in full or else. I never set up escrow but i am obligating to pay my taxes but there is no way i can pay 3000 in 30 days. My mortage is uptodate. The mortgage company inferred that if i didn’t pay i will be default on my mortgage since paying your tax bill is an obligation under the mortgage agreement. but I always pay but i can’t pay it at once. Any advice on what to say to the mortgage company.
no negative responses. I’ve paid my taxes on time for 15 years. This year has been hard with alot of medical expenses for my children. I am a single mom. So anyone feels I am not responsible don’t respond.

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