Mortgage Calc Help. Not sure what I am doing wrong?

I have my code, but I am getting an error. Can anyone help please? My error is: “Error 1 ‘lstLoanInterest’ is not declared. I am unsure of how to write this out. Maybe a string?

Private Sub CalculateButton_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles CalculateButton.Click
‘Calculate the Monthly Payment’
Dim dblAmount, dblMonthlyRate, dblMonths, dblMonthlyPayment As Double
‘Convert input values to numeric values’
dblAmount = CDbl(LoanAmount.Text)
dblMonthlyRate = CDbl(InterestRate.Text) / 100 ‘allows interest rate to be entered whole number’
dblMonths = CDbl(Years.Text)
‘Format input values’
LoanAmount.Text = FormatCurrency(dblAmount)
InterestRate.Text = FormatPercent(dblMonthlyRate)
Years.Text = FormatNumber(dblMonths)
‘Calculate payment’
‘Results for listbox should be new loan balance and interest rate’
Dim PVal, FVal, mPayments As Integer
Dim APR, iPayment, TotInt As Double
Dim pPayment, TotPrincipal, dblBalance As Double
PVal = dblAmount
FVal = 0
APR = dblMonthlyRate / 12
mPayments = dblMonths * 12
dblBalance = dblAmount
For period As Integer = 1 To mPayments
iPayment = IPmt(APR, period, mPayments, -PVal, FVal, 1)
pPayment = PPmt(APR, period, mPayments, -PVal, FVal, 1)
lstLoanInterest.Items.Add(FormatCurrency(TotPrincipal).PadRight(25) & FormatCurrency(iPayment).PadRight(25) & FormatCurrency(dblBalance).PadLeft(25))
Debug.WriteLine(” Pmnt #” & period & ” -> Principle =” & FormatCurrency(TotPrincipal).PadRight(14) & ” Int Paid for Payment #” & period & ” is ” & FormatCurrency(iPayment) & ” Bal. =” & FormatCurrency(dblBalance))
TotInt = TotInt + iPayment
TotPrincipal = TotPrincipal + pPayment
Dim monthlyPayment As Double = CDbl(iPayment + pPayment)
dblBalance = dblBalance – (monthlyPayment – iPayment)
lstLoanInterest.Items.Add(” _______________________________”)
lstLoanInterest.Items.Add(” Total interest paid: ” & FormatCurrency(TotInt))
lstLoanInterest.Items.Add(” _______________________________”)
lstLoanInterest.Items.Add(” Total Paid after: ” & mPayments & ” Payments = ” & FormatCurrency(TotInt + TotPrincipal))
lstLoanInterest.Items.Add(” _______________________________”)
lstLoanInterest.Items.Add(” Last Payment is an interest payment of course, and it is ” & FormatCurrency(iPayment))
‘Format answer’
dblMonthlyPayment = CDbl(iPayment + pPayment)
PaymentLabel.Text = FormatCurrency(dblMonthlyPayment)
End Sub
I am trying to list the amortization table for the mortgage.

Ok, so my hubby’s DTI ratio is 35%. This is without a mortgage payment (darn car payment and student loans) (we are trying to get a house). Does our new mortgage payment need to be calculated with this number? Will a lender look at that and say the ratio is too high to qualify for a mortgage?
can you please explain to me how they look at this? We’re trying to get FHA in Pennsylvania.

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