Mortgage broker wants to “swing by”?

Why would my mortgage broker want to come by the house I’m closing on next week? We already moved into it, though we haven’t closed yet (long long story.)

She e-mailed to ask if I’d be home tomorrow morning at 9:30, and when I said “yes, I’m working, why?” (I work from home) She said “I’m going to swing by.”

….Kind of weird she SAYS she’s coming by and doesn’t ASK if she can come by. I’ve tried calling and e-mailing back and she’s not answering yet. Anyone know of any reason why she needs to just pop by? We’ve already met in person and signed all the disclosures.
Found out why. I called last night. She wanted to tell me the bad news in person because she felt so bad — our government grant fell through. We have 8 days to come up with $ 5,500 or we lose the house. 🙁

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