Mortgage and student loan in-school deferment?

When you are in school, the school can ONLY verify your enrollment for the current semester. This is all they can give to student loan lenders.
Mortgage people ask for a proof that the loans are deferred for at least 12 months.
what happens in the following situation. You have 3 more years (after three years already) in a PhD program. You enrollment for the current semester is verified and the loans are deferred for that period. Normally, you would have a grace period of 6 months for your loans too but some of it might be used because some lenders count summers as parts of the grace period. This means that even though you will be in school for three more years (and the school provides a letter with an estimated graduation date), you cannot obtain the proof of deferment of 12 months.
How to deal with this situation?
Why do banks ask for this length of deferment when if you are in school you can only get the current semester (6 months) enrollment verification (and you can only get it during certain periods of a year) and the lenders can only operate with that info?

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