Mortgage and loan mess of money! Please help …?

The family pays the mortgage on the house. This family took the money to lend his name to help my friend, the Scotsman in his business, and is set in the house. Scot would pay the family and the family would pay pank.Küsimus is whether it is possible to pledge the house, they are already paying the mortgage? Is this what you call a second mortgage or junior? The problem is that the company went bankrupt and the Scot left the family a cash loan, because the Scot is impossible to make such payments. And the Scotsman asks the family to pay (lump sum or installments), otherwise they would lose the house. Is it legitimate? Am I missing something this time? Scot can not pay immediately, but he certainly wants to repay them, but I do not want to give them false scenarios Scot. And the Scot has no communication with pangaga.Tänan you well!

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