mortgage and credit cards debt help?

I need help and advice before I got married I owed about 30,000 in credit cards the past few years I was doing balance transfers just to have the 0% interest for 12 months but now banks are not lending balance transfers offers. So my credit cards are at the 30.00% interest, my mortgage is about 1100.00 I bought it for 145,000.00 and now its worth 105,000. well my question is that Im having a hard time I dont know what to do dont want to lose my house. I know I made a mistake with the credit cards I truly regret using them. how does that 2 years freeze with the mortgage loan works were you have 2 years with no payments after that you have to let the bank know if you wan to keep it?? credit cards should I call each bank and tell them I cant pay them anymore and say that I can only pay the balance with no interest will that work?? I really need help please no smart remarks I know already how dumb I was but I want to do right now
thanks and GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

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