Money For Women-Owned Businesses. Is There Any?

I design all-natural cosmetics for women and launched my company in late ’06. Within 2 weeks of launching, Jane Magazine expressed interest & contacted us, and an online men’s magazine did a write-up about our men’s products.

Well, Jane went under before featuring our prods & we can’t afford to pay anybody to use our cosmetics in fashion editorials, which would give us maximum exposure & cost 70% less than outright advertising. The Co. also needs to hire a professional manager w/ industry experience to manage the Co.

I’m a woman with $ 3,000 worth of debt over her head (not the business but my personal deb. The 3 grand comes from delinquent college loans in collections. What are my chances of getting any capital for my business at this point?

The company sells from it’s online site for the moment.
My credit isn’t very good because 2 college loans have gone to collects. I owe a little over $ 3,000. Do I have a chance?


BTW: The capital is a loan or investment

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