Mon-inlaw talked about reverse mortgage…….?

Many arguments came up with my mom-inlaw, & recently she confronted us (w/ my husband) about issues. In the end, we told her about moving out (which is our plan & we were doing it for a few months now). She talked about reverse mortgage in case we move out. I’m not familiar with this type of mortgage. My concern is my husband (of course, any bad result of this will affect us). His name was included in the mortgage us of now, & if mom-inlaw will do the reverse mortgage, will my husband’s name be taken out, or it will still be there!? We both want my husband’s name to be taken out of the mortgage, but bcoz of the economy right now, they can’t do refinancing. Can my husband’s take out his name when his mom do the reverse mortgage. What do you think can we do? Thanks in advance.
My other concern is that bcoz of the economy, the house don’t have equity. How can she do the reverse mortgage if there’s no equity? This is so confusing & I don’t want my husband to get involved in this situation bcoz later on, it will affect both of us. Please help.

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