I am looking for advice from mini-storage owners. I am interested in this business, I have found 4.5 acres in an area surrounded by apartment complex’s. The nearest mini-stoage is about 10-15 minutes away. There are several there but they are always full.

They want $ 125,000 for the 4.5 acres, I am looking at starting with 2 buildings 20′ x 100′. And until I get more specific I am doing my caculations on all 10×10. I am waiting on the quotes for the buildings now.

I would love to find a lender that will do 10% down, and I have great credit.

I am also looking at parking RV’s and boats, etc… there only one other storage company around offers this and there are about 25 minutes away.

Any advice on lenders, insurance companies, metal building compaines etc. would be greatly appreciated. I am just starting my fact finding mission.

We do have one climate control storage nearby, but there are only 60% full, and never advertise.

Charlotte NC area

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