M&I Bank No Doc Mortgage?

Can anyone tell me if M&I Bank offers a No Doc mortgage loan?
Sorry,I forgot important details. The Purchase price of the home is 525,000.Value is around 600,000,and we will be putting down 33%. We can do a full doc,but my husband has a lot variables and perks on his income.Cars,some income is W2 and some is reported as dividends.It is just such a pain in the neck. We fax for 2 days. He has about 150,000 in his 401k and we have a bank balance in the mid 400’s. Not trying to be “showy” but based on the above,I just want to go ditectly to the best lender out there,and not waste a lot of time with others.

I want a mortgage for less than half of the last appraisal and am self employed. Shouldn’t this be easy when I want a $ 175K mortgage on a $ 425K house? What DO they check on a no-doc loan?

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