Many incorrect accounts on my credit report.

I checked exclusively with Experian first then with all three. I put initial fraud alert on all three bureau’s. I began the dispute process on all incorrect addresses, phone numbers, etc. When I began to dig further, there were even more (about 15) wrong addresses associated with my credit file, most of which were in Oregon and Killeen , Tx. So, I called several of the creditors and found that the accounts were not associated with my ssn. One lady told me to file a disassociation dispute but when i researched that with equifax and experian it seems like that is for people who need to disassociate with ex girlfriends or whatever. It seems very difficult to get a phone number to speak with a actual person at Experian, which is the only one reporting the faulty information on my credit report. So, what do I do. I can’t get a loan for a dollar with a 520 credit score.

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