LPN nursing jobs in NYC?

Before anyone says, “Don’t waste your time being an LPN, go right to school for RN”, I am early into the LPN program as I write this and am, as of this time, only going to go for the LPN.
That said, how is the job market for LPNs in New York City? Are there alot of jobs for LPNs in NYC? How is the pay? How is the pay compared to the cost of living in NYC?
Can you think of any other places where there are plenty of jobs for LPNs that pay well and the cost of living isn’t ridiculous? Someplace in New Jersey, perhaps, or Maryland, Delaware, or Virginia?
Here in PA, the average starting salary for an LPN at a hospital is between $ 13 and $ 15 per hour, at nursing homes it ranges from $ 14 to $ 18 per hour (for LPNs). I would desire to make at least $ 16 per hour to start (I want to be able to pay off student loans within a year, then save for a down payment on a house, buy the house, be able to pay bills and mortgage with plenty left over to save).

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