Lost credit? I’m never late …?

A year ago, I talked with Wells Fargo about a mortgage and was basically laughed. I ended up talking to someone else and got a loan and a house. Now, I opened a checking account with Wells Fargo and I did not know they would open a credit card for me. Well, it was refused and I am so angry! The personal banker I spoke, a woman was talking quickly and I have several (credit cards, etc.) accounts opened last year and is now trying to pay attention any more loan applications. ARGH! I am divorced and I have $ 6000 + on a credit card to pay and I’m opening for my credit card accounts (requires appliances, furniture), my own insurance policies, conditions work, etc., why so many requests. I paid in full and now more than $ 3,000 on my card and equipment $ 1,700 paid for my card furniture last year. I am planning (hoping) the rehabilitation of the rest of the little things until the end of the year, leaving $ 6,000 for a credit card and $ 3,000 on a anderen.Vor recently, I decided my house with the hope of buying a new sale. After selling basin plan with my parents until I find a new place. But this last denial, I’m damned? Or is Wells Fargo a hard body, through loans, etc.? Thank you for your help!

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