loop hole to get a mortgage with a C-Corporation?

In self-employment and living in another country, but I am a citizen of the United States. I recently applied for a home loan and on the basis of evidence not to withhold income. Here’s how I think I may be umgehen1.File and recording of income from wages Corp2.Business c, etc., with this double taxation zero vermeiden3.Pay me a salary of 24,000 per year 4. Should I withhold any taxes and make quarterly payments to the IRS, although I do not live in the U.S.? 5.Using tax cut, even if I continue with the income I receive will allow about 200 dollars more than what I pay my Steuern6.Diese, my taxes and my bussiness personal taxes or file a few years ago, I can finally see verifiable proof of income and qualify for a home Darlehen.Kann happen? I contacted the income Kreditgeber.Accroding what I said by a U.S. American companies are reported and must be verifiable. Throgh W2 and tax returns. My previous income tax returns showing income of $ 80,000 are not eligible because it is not reported by an American company. Fortunately I do not pay income tax, because I do not live or work in the United States. Its completely removed.

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