Looking to get my MLO (Mortgage Loan Originator) license, but worried about my credit check.?

I was working with a broker who was showing me the ropes and allowed me to shadow him to see how this all works. I studied every day and had passed every NMLS prep exam available. When it came down to actually getting our license, he bailed on me and soon after, went out of business. However, I was looking at the requirements and there is a credit check needed in order to obtain a license. It said the SAFE Act leaves it to the discretion of each state regulator to develop their own processes and standards for reviewing credit information and determining the financial responsibility of their licensees.
I’ve been unemployed for two years and even though I don’t know my credit score, I can assume it’s not good. Should I just forfeit trying for it, so I don’t waste time and money on the testing and all the other expense that comes with it? This is for Indiana.

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