Looking for qualified representative concerning VA home loans in S.FL? any ideas to find qualified person??

It seems that my spouse (100% service-connected disabled veteran) and I can not find the answers we need to acquire VA home loan. We have been told credit issues may play havoc. We have been told VA home loans are guaranteed through the VA system/government; so what is the deal in obtaining a loan? We have been told by many, that my spouse qualifies. We do not want something outrageous; just a comfortable home near the local VAMC. We understand that no matter how your credit is; every vet gets the same rate. We are under contract with someone who claims to be an expert on VA home loans but has told us that we have to repair the credit issue. If we had the money, we would not have issues with credit. The credit issue was developed by a medical situation and can be proven. I do know there are creative mortgage officers/brokers that can make this work; where is a qualified person that can get that can assist us? Yes, I know if I didn’t need money, there would be plenty.
thank you to all those that are assisting… it is greatly appreciated.

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