Looking for Cottage Insurance that covers it as a Seasonal a Rental Property?

Is there a Insurance company that is international?
I own two pieces of Property one is a home in Michigan and one is a inherited family cottage in Canada (Ontario).
I have insurance on the Michigan home ( Primary residence) and carry a mortgage on it.
I currently do NOT have insurance on the recently inherited family cottage in Canada ( seasonal home) and I do NOT have a mortgage on it…it is all paid off.
Last year we fixed/brought the electrical,plumbing and cosmetic issues all up to code or updated, with new flooring, tile in the bathroom etc.
This year we decided to see if we could make the cottage available as a seasonal rental ( weekly,daily during the summer), since the Cottage is in a Beach community.
We need Insurance on the Cottage, yet we cannot seem to find anyone who will provide such Insurance b/c we are US citizen’s not living in Canada!
PLEASE help –
We need seasonal cottage Insurance – that covers the Cottage as a rental property for 3-4 months out of the year!

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