loan processor and underwriter?

We are using a mortgage company to purchase our first house, we were pre approved, have signed the contract, had the offer accepted, had verification of employment, verification of funds, gave our earnest money, was told by the title company to get insurance so we did,did a ton of paper work with mortgage company, had the apprasial (it came back 16,900 over our purchase price) , had our inspection and have a closing date of on or before Jan 31. When I called our mortgage broker to find the status of our account she said everything was fine and its with the loan processor, my question is what is a loan processor , are they underwriters? What else is there to do before we close?
i already stated that we did get insurance already.. we went to 4 different places and got the best deal
the reason they gave us a closing date of on or before the 31st is because they thought we wanted to pay our earnest money in 2 payments, one on jan1st and one on jan 15th since we are military… but we paid it all up front

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