loan or donsolidation?

hi i live in uk. My credit ratin is on the lowest there is, this is because i don’t pay regularly and i go over my limit, i am trying to sort things out now and bring this back up. i also have about £4000 of edbt all to little companies and it relaly gets me down. I am looking at the possibility of getting a loan or consolidation, the thing is i can’t get a bank loan cos of my rating so i can only got to these loan companies. i don’t know who to choose, they both seem to work out the same.
My ultimate goal is to lift my credit rating as quick as possible so that i can get a mortgage. i am a first time byer with no deposit so i really need the best 100% mortgage that there is and for that i need a better credit rating!
ooops just read the title consolidation i meant!
y do there have to be soooooooooooooooooooooooomany nobs in the world!!!!!!!

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