Loan & mortgage advice?


Can anyone offer me some advice please? Myself and my partner are thinking of looking into the possibility of getting a mortgage in the next year or so.

At the minute we are trying to get our finances in some sort of order. As yet we have no savings but are planning to start soon.

My partner has recently just cleared an existing credit union loan and has a small bit of credit card debt.

Myself on the other hand I have quite a bit of debt. Credit union loan, bank loan and credit cards. I know this is unwise and foolish.

What i was going to look in to doing was topping up my credit union loan to pay off the bank loan and credit cards and over the coming months pay off as much as possible from the credit union loan to get it down.

My question is that if we did apply for a mortgage, would the mortgage company want to know the reason for the credit union loan and would this go against me?

Any advice greatly appreciated.


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