Loan modifications? For those who have done this or try to guide, to get one?

So, doing my papers from a mod ready for the second time … For the first time two years ago, and they said I had too much debt. Since I asked the bankruptcy and losing my job. So my husband came back everything we have, my unemployment benefits are exhausted. I’m back to 0 this point. So of course, with this huge lack of income by doing everything I can to reduce expenses. And I have so many things I can at this point so now we have to try a mod loan, and no we will not be home shortly. My main concern is what I can do the paperwork to help us most and approved. In addition to all costs and mortgage payments, you should be negative, positive or even, and how much? Also, I know, my house is worth much, we paid 240k for 2007 and not a house in my neighborhood for about 186k ​​in the last year or two sold. Any help would be greatly appreciated .. These are my numbers so far .. Monthly income (before taxes) $ 2,960 (after taxes) to pay $ 2400Mortgage (time) $ 1,530 (end) 1587.50 ** We are two months behind on 15 November lower monthly food cost $ 930 (these are electricity, water, telephone, insurance, credit cards and three small) My food costs at least $ 200 per month, plus most of the time I have to do as much as I can keep them but I find difficult to under $ 400 for the basic tools for bleiben.Mein loan was a 5 years only 5.75% for 30 years. We do not intend to stay for more than ten years, as we have already exceeded this house. But we need to buy to stay here. So basically I’m looking for information on how to remove all the numbers should long-term chance for approval. For more details, but must or can I apply for a loan mod with my affordable mortgage company and the production of home-based program?

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