Loan Modification – Was your credit score negatively effected when you did a loan modification?

Please, I ONLY WANT TO HEAR FROM PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY DID A LOAN MODIFICATION AND WAS CURRENT ON THEIR LOAN WHILE DOING A LOAN MODIFICATION AGREEMENT. Hello, I have a friend who has been offered a loan modification from her bank. She is current on her mortgage and have a good credit score but is struggling to make payments. She has read on the internet the horror stories of peoples credit score plummeting by 100 points after doing a loan modification. She asked the bank will it affect her credit score and they said no, of course right. Want to hear from people have have done a lone modification. Some people state that if you do a loan modification they will report it on your credit as current but a loan modification has taken place and that once a loan modification is on your credit – it is a bad sign because you were not able to stick with the original terms of the loan.

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